ESHS Students

On March 23, 2022, El Segundo City Hall welcomed 40 ESHS seniors to learn what it takes to run a city, and to launch the students’ group project about making Recreation Park the best space it can be for the community.

“Civic Day represents an amazing opportunity to teach our youth about the importance of local government and just how much we can get done through civic engagement while learning about what’s important to the students,” said Mayor Drew Boyles.

ESHS history and government teacher Craig Gast once again spearheaded this special opportunity for the students, understanding the value of hands-on learning and first-person experience in the effort to create the empowered, engaged citizens that ESUSD champions in its Graduate Profile. “The city and the school district have a shared interest in giving our students relevant learning about what public service involves. Students are enrolled in our Political Behavior Class at ESHS and as part of that, civic engagement is meant to take a look at the city and see what roles the city plays, and how public service work contributes to function and making life better for the residents of El Segundo,” explained ESUSD Superintendent Dr. Melissa Moore.

Serving as both ESUSD Board President and Chair of the City’s Environmental Committee, Tracey Miller-Zarneke added, “This is an amazing partnership between ESUSD and the City of El Segundo in the creation of tomorrow’s leaders and doers.”