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El Segundo Schools Teacher Residency at Alder GSE

This innovative teacher residency program combines immersive hands-on practice in the classroom with educational theory and research in both in-person seminars and online courses. It takes place in partnership with K–12 schools in historically underserved communities, and 97% of Alder graduates obtain full-time teaching positions after completing the program. 
In this residency year you will:
  • Earn your Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential* in one year.
  • Apprentice four days a week with an expert teacher in an El Segundo Unified School District School
  • Learn within a cohort of peers with whom you will work (and laugh) all year, paving the way to becoming lifelong friends and colleagues.
  • Build a relationship with an expert instructional leader in K–12 education, who will advise and support you through one-on-one observation and dialogue.
  • Engage in critical conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion with your mentor, instructors, and peers.
  • Receive priority consideration for a full-time position upon completing the program.
  • Do all of this at a cost that is affordable and includes financial support.
*Once Alder GSE has been granted both Initial Institutional Approval and Initial Program Approval by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


El Segundo Unified & Alder Cohort Program Details:

For the 2020-2021 Residency Cohort, ESUSD is looking for qualified applicants in the following areas:
  • Single Subject Mathematics 
  • Special Education

Costs and Financial Aid

Program CostsTeacher Resident Works with Students


$18,500 (estimated out-of-pocket cost net of Alder Teacher Grant, will be finalized in December of 2019)

Books, tests, etc.

Approximately $2,000


For the class of 2020-21, Alder is working to ensure residents have a way to access health care coverage, whether provided by Alder or the state of CA.


Financial SupportTeacher Resident Talking to Student

ESUSD Provided Living stipend  - $15,000

Federal financial aid (loans for tuition and living expenses) - Up to $44,000

Support for transportation, room, and board to in-person sessions - Approximately $1,500​

Test registration fee support - $200

Credential test preparation support - $250 on average

Excellent preparation and priority consideration for a paid, full-time teaching position - PRICELESS!



Key Dates ​For 2020-2021 Cohort

Week of October 21st
November 1st - 9th 
November 24th
Teacher resident leading students
To apply, please visit  Applications are now live!

For more information please reach out to the Director of the Alder WIDE cohort, Scott Weatherford at, or Alder Los Angeles Recruitment and Admissions Specialist Martin Chavez at

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