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Welcome to ESUSD's Eagles' Nest Preschool

At the Eagles' Nest, we believe the most important ingredient in providing an outstanding program is the positive, nurturing attitude of the staff  and instructors involved.  We fill the classroom with warm loving adults adept at engaging children through the use of the Creative Curriculum, yet who are equally concerned with allowing young children the space to investigate their surroundings and use their natural curiosity to stimulate their learning and growth.  The Creative Curriculum is dedicated to "learning through play" with age appropriate activities designed to help develop skills in three and four year olds as they begin their journey toward kindergarten.

In a class for 3 or 4 year olds, there will be some disparity between the rate at which children develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. This is a time of tremendous growth and change, and another child in the class may be as much as one year older than the youngest in the class.  Our instructors take  into consideration not just the child's age, but where the child is developmentally in terms of activities, lessons and scaffolding their learning in class.

At Eagles' Nest Preschool your child's well-being is foremost in our minds.  We make every effort to motivate our young children, and we welcome the integration of the parents of our 3 and 4 year olds into the classroom.  Opportunities abound for parents to become involved: either working side-by-side with the instructors inside the classrooms, volunteering for special outings and occasions, or sitting on the PTO to help fund-raise and plan fun, family-oriented activities that allow young families to socialize together and share the excitement and joy of watching their young children grow.

As you move through the pages on this web site, if you find we have not answered any questions you may have, please email Guadalupe Grijalva, Executive Director of Preschool and Child Care at: ggrijalva@esusd.net or call 310-651-2650 x: 1600.

Welcome from Ed!

Welcome back to school!  As many of you are aware, California education has taken a tremendous hit to funding in recent years.  Education is a priority in El Segundo and parents expect a well-rounded, enriched education for their children, so that is why Ed! has pledged $750,000 to the ESUSD this year. The $750,000 will help fund Elementary Literacy, ESMS Counseling, district-wide music, band and drama, ESHS Athletics, ESMS International Baccalaureate, 6-12 grade science, 6-12 grade visual and performing arts, ESHS Link Crew, ESHS AVID, Robotics, Elementary Junior Achievement and STEM.  Every child from the pre-school through 12th grade will benefit from this generous grant. 

Ed! has several events planned throughout the school year with two very exciting events in October.  In addition, look for information regarding the Boost Your School campaign in the fall. Ed! needs your support even more this year, so please do what you can to ensure that El Segundo public schools  continue to offer your student a quality education.