SPARK is an after school program at El Segundo Middle School that supports our students and encourages them to spend their time in positive ways such as studying, exercising and socializing in a safe and supervised environment. Spark is underwritten by ROAD (Reach Out Against Drugs) through the city of El Segundo R.O.A.D, a non-profit organization that depends upon donations by parents like you to provide these programs. Without your support the future of this afterschool program is in jeopardy.

Kids in afterschool programs:
• Exhibit better behavior and school attendance
• Are arrested 90% less
• Improve 20% on academic performance
• Decrease risk-taking behavior such as experimenting with
drugs and alcohol by 70%

There is a $25 registration fee which covers 10% of the actual cost incurred per individual student attending SPARK. For SPARK to continue we need donations! For an additional $25.00 per month you can ensure this program will continue to be available for your child. This means for $250 a year you can provide your child, or a middle school child, all the benefits that come with this program. This program is specifically offered to provide a safe alternative for children in our community during after school hours.

Spark provides the following:
• Homework support
• Library and computer access
• Sports activities
• Fitness Program
• Games, movies and other social activities

All activities are supervised by adult program staff.
Tax deductable contributions should be sent to R.O.A.D, P.O. Box 2401, El Segundo, 90245 or dropped off at the Middle School office.
Thank you for your support.