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PTA Overview

El Segundo Unified School District PTA
The PTA is the nation's oldest, largest and highest profile volunteer organization working on behalf of public schools, children and families, with the motto:
"Every child, one voice."
PTA volunteers work in their schools and communities to improve the education, health and welfare of all children and youth. The PTA also advocates at national, state and local levels for education and family issues.
In September, each year, the PTA kicks off its Membership Drive. Each unit, El Segundo High School PTA, Middle School PTSA, Center Street PTA and Richmond Street PTA has a yearly membership fee of $10.00 ---a portion of this money is distributed to the Council, District, State and National PTA. It is with these funds that the District, State and National offer training for positions and also works to improve legislation. 
The PTAs also do fundraising --- it is with the funds earned that the PTAs can offer assemblies, field trips and much needed supplies for the schools. Thank you for supporting our fundraisers throughout the year and therefore, our students. 
Anyone may attend a PTA meeting at the school sites --whether you are a member or not.  Attending a PTA meeting is one way how individuals can find out what is happening within their school, community, and of course about the PTA. Each one of the PTAs meet monthly --- so if you are unaware of when your schools unit meets please don’t hesitate to contact the President or the school. (e-mail addresses are listed at the "Contacts" link at right)