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Welcome back to all returning families and all our new families to the district! This year, it’s an especially important welcome back after a – unique – year. One thing that didn’t change throughout the pandemic was our community’s continuing commitment to our kids. And PTA was no different – during the past year, PTA Council and our PTA and PTSA Units at Richmond Street School, Center Street School, ES Middle School, and ES High School, as well as the PTO at Eagles Nest, continued to support the teachers, students, and families of El Segundo through spirit activities, learning opportunities, and gifting programs.


The PTAs and PTSAs in El Segundo gave $30,000 in scholarships to our graduating seniors; supported Newsela, which provides content/articles for various subjects (ELA, science, etc) for the MS teachers to use so that students can learn from current events; funded cultural relevance instruction and consultation for the HS teachers; and offered school supply grants to PTA teacher members. That these actions were possible during the shut-down was due entirely to our dedicated volunteers, school administration and teachers – these are our PTA heroes. 

We were able to continue this level of support during a global pandemic due to our successful Virtual Run for Education in 2020 and our Virtual Jump for Education in 2021. These two events brought in over $75,000 dollars thanks to our sponsors and the combined 800 participants.


In addition to the above, we used the past year to reflect on the PTA mission, considered how we coordinate with other community organizations that support education, and looked at our process for distributing funds to the school units.


We’re looking to the future now – kicking off the new school year with a variety of activities to support our teachers, students, and parents. Notably, we can’t wait for our 2022 Run for Education, where we’ll celebrate 30 years of running for our students on our unique USTF-certified 5K and 10K course. This event will be sensational, and we can’t wait to see everyone there on April 30, 2022!


PTA is our connection between parents and teachers to benefit our students.  It's a relationship that goes beyond raising money or having meetings - it is the fundamental community-led effort to, at a grass-roots level, better out students' lives.  Study after study shows that encouraging parent engagement is one of the best ways to create a positive learning environment for every student.


As we enter this new school year, we hope you’ll join us in our mission of supporting our students and teachers. As parents and educators, we need you to be involved with PTA – on any level. From becoming a member (best deal in town at $10!) to volunteering for a single event, to leading with a position on your school’s PTA – we need all levels of engagement. Our teachers need you to help with book fairs, PTA fundraisers, and in organizing our PTA programs. And finally – our students need you to be there for them – to show up, and to show them how to be engaged in our community in an effort to lift us all up.


El Segundo Unified is made up of great parents, teachers, and students, and together we form a community where our children succeed and continue to learn.  Please join us, if you haven’t already, as a member, volunteer, or leader in any of our PTAs.



Tesse Rasmussen


El Segundo Council of PTAs