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Resignations and Retirements

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Whether you are moving on to the next phase of your career or you are ready to retire, El Segundo Unified appreciates the service you have provided. Please complete and submit the following form to Human Resources to notify ESUSD of your intent to resign or retire.

Resignation / Retirement Form

Transfer of Sick Days:
Any accumulated sick days will be transferred to your new employer if it is in a California public school system. Your new district/school will send a verification form to us. If you do not return to work in a public school setting in California, any remaining days can be applied towards your retirement when you apply for retirement through CalSTRS or CalPERS.
Closeout / Return of Items / Exit Clearance:
To close out with the school site, please see the site administrators and/or office staff to return keys, badge, instructional materials, technology (laptops/iPads, etc.) and any materials that have been checked out. We would also to have the attached Exit Certification form completed and returned for our records.
From the Office of Instructional Technology:
When we close out your District GMAIL account, there is an option to transfer your data from Google Drive and Google+ Pages to a new GMAIL owner.  Google Drive files are Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and all other file types and Google+ Pages are profile, circles, communities, collections and events.   We will not be able to transfer GMAIL messages and calendars. If you would like to have any of these items transferred to a private email account, please contact Daniel Gauna,, and let him know when you will be ready to make the transfer.
Exit Survey:
As part of the exit process, you may provide feedback about your experience working for El Segundo Unified School District in our exit interview survey. The brief survey is available through the following link:

Resignations and retirements should be given with sufficient notice to the school site or department to allow for an effective transition.


If you plan on retiring, be sure to contact either CalSTRS or CalPERS a few months ahead of your planned retirement date.  

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CalPERS Retirement


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CalSTRS Retirement


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Social Security