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Curriculum and Instruction

The following resources are used to enrich El Segundo Unified School District curriculum, and to help parents and students better understand the curriculum, standards and frameworks of the State of California.

Content Standards of the State of California
Access to information published by the State regarding standards, data, statistics, assessments, professional development, financing and grants

El Segundo Unified School District is aware of the multiple learning styles and educational needs of its entire student body. To that end, Arena High School and Virtual Academy were created to assist students with credit deficiencies or credit advancement and students who choose to use technology to access an online curriculum. For more information please contact Lynette Marcus at (310) 615-2650 Ext. 1731 or via email at

Elementary age children bring lots of things to school with them -- besides the huge backpacks stuffed with supplies and the occasional toy from home. They bring ingenuity, innate knowledge, and mathematical insight. They sometimes amaze their teachers with creative ways they come up with to solve problems. When teachers are able to link their classroom instruction with their students’ intuitive knowledge, students can take classroom instruction a lot farther and it promotes an enduring mathematical development that can last a lifetime.  That is the approach of Cognitively Guided Instruction; often abbreviated as CGI. 

El Segundo Middle School Summer Reading List
Summer reading list for grades 6 - 8

El Segundo High School Summer Reading List
Summer reading list for grades 9 - 12