Request for Quote

Please note that El Segundo Unified School District decided to withdraw
the Request for Quotes for Copier Leases and Maintenance Services (the
"RFQ") and will not award a contract pursuant to the RFQ.  As stated in the
RFQ, the District reserved the right to reject any or all RFQ responses and
exercised this option based on internal considerations.  After reassessing
its needs, the District may solicit offers for similar services and/or
equipment in the future, although the District does not guarantee that any
such solicitation will be issued. The District will continue to monitor and
evaluate its copier needs and decide how best to proceed based on this
internal analysis.

The District appreciates your interest and encourages all parties to
continue to monitor the District's website for future opportunities. If you
have any questions, please contact Tracy Adams via email at  Due to staff considerations, the District
requests that all inquiries be made via email and not through phone calls.
Thank you.