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We know you want to keep your child learning when our schools are closed. To help support you with reinforcing your child's skills at home, we have compiled a list of resources. Our goal is to provide students and families with learning opportunities that can be used at home to support and enhance what they are working on with their teachers. We know this is a challenging time and want to support you in any way we can.
Altitude Learning
Altitude Learning Parent Overview
Dear ESUSD Parents, Staff and Community,

I would like to follow up and share further resources to help with Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Dr. Logan Fox, El Segundo High School Assistant Principal, provided this tip, which encourages families to use the Mood Meter and other SEL tools related to The RULER Approach to social emotional learning developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.  “I would highly recommend that families explore the Mood Meter and I encourage parents to use it to gauge how their child(ren) are feeling and to spark conversation. I would suggest they use it twice a day, if possible (a.m. and p.m.). For older students, I recommend ‘journaling’ or having their child(ren) start a diary — an excellent tool for students to express in writing how they are feeling in a safe, non-judgmental outlet (as opposed to using social media). What a memory this will be if they keep their journals and read them several years from now.”

The Mood Meter is a tool to monitor emotions under The RULER Approach. The RULER Approach provides learning tools/methods for educators, students, and parents to better recognize, understand, and manage personal feelings.

The Mood Meter has already been introduced in most ESUSD elementary classrooms and is beginning to be rolled out at the secondary level as well. The Mood Meter is designed to help students learn to recognize emotions and develop strategies for regulating (or managing) those emotions. RULER stands for recognizing, understandinglabeling, expressing, and regulating emotion.

Mood Meter Resources:

Video Overview of Mood Meter

Video About Mood Meter and App for older students

Mood Meter App  (optional, for a small fee)

Printable Mood Meter (by grade)

Video about Mood Meter in Early Childhood Classrooms


We are all in this together! ESUSD will continue to provide information, tools, and resources to help ESUSD families, and hopefully ease stress and anxiety for all family members during this time of uncertainty. Stay well and keep learning!

  Melissa Moore, Ed.D.


El Segundo Unified School District

SB Families Connected


South Bay Families Connected Virtual Coffee Chats
South Bay Families Connected Virtual Parent Chats
Psychology and the Good Life (most popular online course ever at Yale)
UR Strong programs (free parent subscription with code URSTRONG)
Free SAT Practice from Khan Academy
Duo Lingo
Duolingo  - Learn a Language
Virtual Field Trips
25 Amazing Virtual Trip Ideas compiled by Kimmie Fink on March 18, 2020 at We Are Teachers
Discovery Education - Virtual Field Trips

missionThe Mission has been closed the past several weeks, and to ensure that student learning moves forward, we have been working to establish an interactive Digital Resource Center (DRC). It is designed to continue ways to experience and interact with Mission San Juan Capistrano and is not static, but added to regularly. It is not only a great resource for 4th grade learners, but students across all grade levels.

Here is the direct link https://www.misionsjc.com/digital-resource-center/distance-learning-a-home/


Here is the direct link https://www.misionsjc.com/digital-resource-center/distance-learning-a-home/

Virtual Field Trips with Animals 
San Diego Zoo
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium
Houston Zoo
Atlanta Zoo – Pandas
Smithsonian National Zoo
The Tundra with Discovery Education
Virtual Farm Tours
Here’s a list of Zoos with Webcams.



US Landmarks, National Parks, and Museum Virtual Tours

The White House
Mount Vernon
Colonial Williamsburg
Liberty Bell - History View
Empire State Building
Ellis Island - Scholastic
Monument Valley - from Utah State University
Mount Rushmore - NPS
Yellowstone National Park - NPS
The Grand Canyon - NPS
Hidden World of National Parks by Google Art and Culture
NPS Webcams at the National Parks - NPS
Glacier National Park - NPS
Yosemite Park
Dry Tortugas National Park - Arts and Culture
Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Arts and Culture
Bryce Canyon National Park - Arts and Culture
Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park - Arts and Culture
Kenai Fjords National Park - Arts and Culture
Smithsonian Museum