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Virtual High School

The Arena Virtual High School offers students opportunity to learn and grow when the traditional school day might not be an option.  Typically students attending Virtual High School attend due to family issues, health problems, employment conflicts, or elite level athletic schedule conflicts that prevent these students from attending school during set hours. Because the Virtual Academy requires high levels of discipline and self motivation, students requiring further assistance to meet assignment completion guidelines are transferred to Arena Continuation High School for more hands-on guidance from the instructors in a physical class setting.  Except for the rare case, Virtual High School is considered for students who have already demonstrated mastery of time management and personal responsibility in the Arena setting.

There are approximately 20 students currently attending the Virtual High School.  These students also have access to the physical classroom setting and are encouraged to come for "face time" with instructors for more challenging aspects of the curriculum on an as needed basis. Virtual students are also encouraged to attend for electives that are taught in the real classroom setting and not accessible online.