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Student Handbook

The Arena Alternative/Virtual High School program was developed as an alternative to traditional schooling. Arena High School is designed to provide an on-line learning environment for students with customized life goals or needs intent on accelerated learning, credit recovery, health issues, dual enrollment or those simply looking for a smaller school setting while ensuring a curriculum encompassing differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our students.

We are a WASC accredited school that offers two (2) California standards-embedded curricula for the students wishing to earn A-G type credits that are interested in attending a University of California, California State University, out-of-state or private school or for the students wishing to earn their diploma, move out into the workforce after high school with the possibility of pursuing further education at a community college. Students work at their own pace using the online curriculum accessing core and elective courses through a web-based learning program. 

Arena High School students enjoy access to field trips, guest speakers, electives such as Yoga, Healthy Living, Art and Organic Gardening as well as college and career counseling through the El Segundo High School counselors.  We value our partnership with each family with an active School Site Council and recognize the essential role played in a student’s education and success. 

This online concept makes Arena Alternative/Virtual High School the perfect incubus for developing 21st Century skills: flexibility, self-direction, goal-setting, problem-solving and critical thinking. We believe this will help students develop self-discipline and better serve their needs than a comprehensive high school. We expect students to work hard and discover a path of learning that is right for them on their life journey. The school calendar is a traditional calendar with the same attendance schedule as the comprehensive high school.