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Developer Fees

The Board of Education of the El Segundo Unified School District adopted Level I Developer Fees on March 23, 2004 pursuant to Education Code Section 17620. 

Within the school district boundaries, developer fees are to be levied upon both new construction and reconstruction, including (1) new commercial and industrial construction; (2) new residential construction; (3) other residential construction only if an increase of existing assessable space exceeds five hundred (500) square feet; and (4) the location, installation, or occupancy of manufactured homes and mobile homes

The process begins in the City of El Segundo Planning Department.  

Questions regarding the assessment of fees on a particular project may be addressed to:

Mr. Oluwaseyi Awoleye
Director of Fiscal Services

Phone: 310-615-2650 x1521   

Questions and appointments regarding payment of fees may be addressed to:

Alan Nguyen

Phone: 310-615-2650 x1525