Arena High School

Arena Alternative/Virtual High School is located in El Segundo, California and is part of the El Segundo Unified School District.  Arena High School is designed to provide an online learning environment supported by classroom teachers.  The model allows for accelerated learning, credit recovery, customization based on health issues, or dual enrollment.  The school and model also are approriate for those simply looking for a smaller school setting that maintains high levels of rigor.

Arena is a WASC accredited school that offers two (2) California standards-embedded curricula for students either a) wishing to earn A-G type credits who are interested in attending a University of California, California State University, out-of-state or private school, or b) wishing to earn a diploma, move out into the workforce after high school with the possibility of pursuing further education at a community college.

Our staff includes two fully-accredited teachers who provide ongoing support to facilitate both the classroom students and the virtual students as well.  A half time special education teacher supports students with differing learning needs, and students have access to therapy provided by a non-public agency.  

Students enjoy access to field trips, guest speakers, electives such as Yoga, Healthy Living, Art and Organic Gardening as well as college and career counseling through the El Segundo High School counselors.  We value our partnership with each family with an active School Site Council and recognize the essential role played in a student’s education and success. Our mission is to produce educated and productive citizens capable of competing in a global, 21st Century society.