El Segundo High School Biomedical Science Pathway Recognized for Excellence

Among the 240 entries for 20 categories, ESHS was recognized for the Career Technical Education category and was one of ten recipients of a scholarship from the United Association of California Apprenticeship Coordinator to further support the Biomedical Pathway.


The Biomedical Science Pathway is one of four career orientated curriculums offered to students as early as their freshman year. ESHS students enrolled in the Biomedical Pathway engage in compelling, hands-on activities and collaborate with their peers to find solutions to problems. Instructed by either Donna Tucker, Kathy Moody, or TiffanyMaisonet, students learn the skills and knowledge necessary in the first three years if the program to find their own innovative solutions to the most pressing health issues of the 21st century during their senior year.


“The Biomedical Science Pathway at ESHS has been an amazing experience that can open doors to exciting real-world job opportunities,” said Audrey Butler, a fourth year Biomedical Pathway student. Alisa Flores, also a fourth year pathway student added, “One eye opening experience was being able to talk to medical professionals practicing in the field and learning some basic airway intubation techniques.”



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