ESMS 6th Grade Student Receives 2018 National Gold Medal for Violin from the Royal Conservatory

The prestigious honor is awarded to examination candidates of the Royal Conservatory who have obtained the highest marks in each level and in their respective musical discipline (e.g. brass/woodwinds, piano, or strings). The candidate must also have obtained at least 80 percent in the practical examination and have completed the co-requisite theory examinations for their respective level to qualify for a National Gold Medal.

Caleb transferred to ESUSD last year specifically to be part of the ESUSD orchestra program. He attended Richmond Street School for 5th grade and during that time enrolled in the El Segundo Seaside Strings program, where he excelled. This year, Caleb is performing with the advanced ESMS strings class, Chamber Orchestra. 

“The ESUSD Spring Orchestra Concert (in May 2018) really confirmed for us that El Segundo is the place for Caleb,” said Mei Tsai, Caleb’s mother. The 2018 Spring Concert included all the orchestras in the ESUSD orchestra program, providing Caleb the opportunity to play with a large and talented group of students ranging in ages. “I think he felt like he was a part of something much bigger than himself, and it was so important for him to have that experience,” said Mei Tsai. “This program has helped instill a love for music in the could hear it in their voices after the concert!”