Message from Superintendent Moore - Santa Fe High School Tragedy

Dear parents and families of El Segundo,
We are once again faced with the tragedy of a horrific school shooting, this time at Santa Fe High school in Texas.
As the news breaks, we all share in concern for the victims of the event, while at the same time wondering, “could this happen here?” and “are my children safe?” It is a sad and frightening reality that school shootings continue to increase in frequency; we must do everything possible to keep our students safe and secure. For El Segundo, this means a change of culture as we shift to a more secure environment. To that end, ESUSD is taking action with a comprehensive approach to improve the safety and security of our schools. We are working on improvements to campus facilities, security procedures, and attention to mental health services for all students. Over the past months, ESUSD has been working with El Segundo Police and outside safety experts to improve our security procedures and incident response. All staff members received training related to violent intruders. We are working with architects to improve the physical structure of our schools including increased fencing and more secure entry portals, and we are taking action to increase awareness, response, and services for all types of socio-emotional health issues. These are top priorities for our Board of Education. For a more comprehensive review of the steps ESUSD has taken please click the headline.
The safety and health of students is our highest priority. As you see shifts in security protocols, we hope you will support our efforts to improve the safety of our school environments.
With gratitude,
Dr. Melissa Moore