El Segundo Unified School District Organizational Update

This heightened awareness resulted in a police investigation last evening regarding an allegation that a high school student had verbalized a potential threat towards a school. El Segundo Police Department did an outstanding job responding swiftly, thoroughly investigating, intervening, and concluding there was no viable threat to any person or property.
I am grateful for the tremendous partnership we have developed with the El Segundo Police Department and the entire City of El Segundo personnel. I appreciate the strong police presence and visibility this morning. Chief Whalen, Officer Black, Dr. Tedford, Dr. Gooden and I coincidentally are scheduled to meet this afternoon where we will continue our discussion regarding best practices on responding to allegations, crisis, and school safety. Please rest assured that we work seamlessly together for school and public safety.
Each school site has specific procedures and plans in place for how the school and staff should respond in such an event. Though it is an unfortunate reality, our staff and students receive specialized training on what to do in the event of an active shooter and they practice for such those scenarios. All staff and students must be well-versed on these procedures.
Continuing improvement to the safety of staff and students is an area of focus for ESUSD, including facility safety improvements, training, and continual examination of school safety procedures. In addition to these areas of focus, we ask all of our community members to partner with our schools in recognizing warning signs and reporting all concerns to school administrators. The theme of See Something, Say Something cannot be overemphasized enough and reported in a timely fashion. Direct your concerns of any person demonstrating violent tendencies or signs of emotional distress or instability immediately to school administrators. It is critical that individuals in distress or crisis receive appropriate support, intervention, and monitoring.
I encourage everyone to take an active role in ensuring that ESUSD continues to be one of the safest places to live and learn. We hope you will take time to have these conversations with your own students and encourage them to always report issues of concern.
Thank you for your time and attention.
With Gratitude,
Melissa Moore, Ed.D.
El Segundo Unified School District