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El Segundo High School to Launch ‘High School of Business’ Program

ESHS students who participate in High School of Business™ will take part in project-based education that incorporates the learning of required skills into the process of solving real world business problems. Students will complete a series of a least six rigorous business administration courses. In addition, students will use technology in each course, hear from guest speakers who are subject matter experts, complete an observational internship, and learn about business and community diversity through a partnership with a sister school.


“The High School of Business program includes a gold standard curriculum that prepares students to excel in college-level business administration programs using problem and project-based pedagogy that connects to our local business community,” said ESHS Principal Jennifer Tedford.


Teachers and administrators are working together to ensure the students receive the best possible education through the program. This includes required professional development for all educators who teach High School of Business™ courses, as well as the establishment of a High School of Business™ Steering Team at ESHS. The Steering Team will serve as directors of the program and will connect teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors with local business executives and college faculty. The Steering Team will serve as directors of the program at ESHS.


High School of Business™ ( is a program of MBA Research, a nonprofit organization specializing in educational research and development of business and marketing curriculum for high schools and colleges. For more information about the High School of Business™ program, at El Segundo High School, contact ESHS Principal Jennifer Tedford at


About the El Segundo Unified School District

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