Renee Hoover Named LA County Teacher of the Year

Hoover’s primary educational background is as an elementary teacher, but her passion lies in bringing science to life for her students. In her classroom, she has assembled a tide pool touch tank complete with sea urchins, starfish and other examples of aquatic life embodying her philosophy that the classroom should be an interactive and magical place.


“Hoover is a relationship builder who empowers her students to discover their voices and a genuine sense of themselves. I can honestly say she is exemplary in meeting the needs of all students,” says Dr. Melissa Moore, El Segundo Unified School District (ESUSD) superintendent.


Hoover is recognized as a leader among the faculty in science education. In addition to her classroom tide pool, she also works with fellow teachers to help implement the Next Generation Science Standards. “Hoover truly has the mutual respect of her peers, her principal and district administrators for her expertise,” says Moore.


Center Street School Principal Martha Monahan adds, “She inspires her students with her passion for science; she is developing compassionate citizens who care for the ocean and the environment. Her classroom is a place of constant inquiry where students are challenged, yet nurtured.  She is inspirational, not only with students, but with teachers.”


ESUSD and the El Segundo Teachers Association selected Hoover as the 2016-17 Center Street School Teacher of the Year. She subscribes to the philosophy that the classroom can be a magical place. “From classroom setting, to student interactions, to the choices I make to engage the learner – these are the variables I play with to encourage my learners to explore and discover,” says Hoover. “What better way to expose students to the wonder of the world, than through science!”


Hoover is a veteran teacher with nearly 30 years of experience. She joined ESUSD in 1999. During her tenure, she has served as a classroom teacher, the K-12 English language development coordinator and a 

K-5 English language development teacher for Richmond Street and Center Street Schools. According to Moore, Hoover also brings a breadth of expertise to every district committee that she serves on as a teacher lead, most recently the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) committee. For the last two years, she has worked with teachers to help implement the state’s NGSS. 


The Teacher of the Year competition is the largest of its kind in the state and is one of the most prestigious honors conferred to public school teachers in the United States. Since the program began in 1983, 37 Los Angeles County teachers have gone on to be selected as California Teachers of the Year.


About the El Segundo Unified School District

The El Segundo Unified School District (ESUSD) was established in 1912 to serve all of the residents living in the City of El Segundo and covers the western part of the city. ESUSD consists of six schools including the Eagle’s Nest Preschool, Richmond Street and Center Street Elementary Schools, El Segundo Middle School, El Segundo High School and the Arena/Virtual High School, as well as partnerships with the South Bay Adult School and California Regional Occupational Center (SoCal ROC).