Japanese Students Visit El Segundo High School

After an initial tour of the ESHS campus, each Japanese student was paired 1:1 with an ASB student who took them to two classes followed by lunch in the high school cafeteria. It took very little time for the teenagers to warm up to each other despite the language barrier. The pairs used Google Translate to help them communicate. They laughed, played games, took pictures and shared social media account information to stay in touch! It was a great day exchanging information about cultural, educational and social norms. As Robin Espinoza noted, “I’ve never seen my students so genuinely interested in a new friend and what they could learn from them and teach them. It was a very unique and special experience.”

The Japanese students each had a gift for their ESHS student guide. ASB Treasurer Maryclare Masocol noted, “Having some knowledge of the Japanese language, I was able to understand some of what our new Japanese friends were talking about. When I heard some of their side conversations, I was happy that I did not hear anything negative. And I’m so proud of my peers for being team players. ASB and non-ASB members alike were respectful and helpful. Everybody was nervous at first, but we got over that quickly because at the end of the day they are high school kids just like us who joke around, have hobbies, and are just curious about life and Los Angeles.”

January 17, 2017