ESHS 2016 Grad Pursues Photography at Maryland Institute College of Art

The 2016 graduate of El Segundo High School has honed his artistic talent for eight years, usually photographing skateboarders, surfers, and live band performances. This fall, he plans to dive into the music scene on the east coast by shooting photos of bands performing in the Baltimore area as he enters his freshman year at the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

MICA was Magid’s first choice of eight schools he was accepted to out of the nine applications he submitted. He was honored as the recipient of two scholarships from MICA, a Presidential Scholarship and a Creative Vision Award for his portfolio of work. MICA is a leader in education for artists and designers and has a reputation for providing an academically rigorous curriculum for “out of the box thinkers.”

During his time at ESHS, Magid took photography classes where he learned about the history of the art medium, worked with black-and-white film, received instruction on film developing and dark room techniques, and worked on more advanced photography projects. The Visual and Performing Arts Pathway at ESHS offers photography classes for all four years with curriculum that advances each year.

 “I believe art is needed one hundred percent in public education,” said Magid. “I don’t think I would have been able to make it through the rigorous curriculum if I didn’t have photography to take my mind off the academic side of my schedule.”As a skateboarder and member of the ESHS Surf Team, Magid combines his passions through his photography by shooting his friends in action with his equipment of choice – a Canon 7D. He won second place in the 2016 PTA Reflections contest for his photo entitled “Let Your Imagination Soar,” which features a friend catching some air on a skateboard. He also lent his talents to the ESHS Performing Arts program by serving as the photographer for a majority of the stage performances at the high school.

Magid is thankful for the solid educational foundation he received at ESHS that enabled him to attend the college of his dreams. There are many resources offered at ESHS in support of student success, including the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. AVID is a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college with an emphasis on increasing writing, critical thinking, teamwork, organization and reading skills.

“AVID was important for me in high school and provided immense support,” said Magid. “I received a scholarship that is awarded to a student that helps others and grows the program. Helping others helped me learn more about myself.”

 He continues to do things for others during his last few weeks of summer before he heads off to MICA with camera in hand. Magid has helped organize and promote some skate-related events at the El Segundo Teen Center, including the “Gundo Grind” on August 13. The skateboard competition combines all of his passions: music, skateboarding, and an opportunity to photograph his friends in action. 

El Segundo High School established four linked learning pathways in 2012 to engage and motivate students by connecting challenging academics to demanding career and technical education. Students may opt in as freshman and the four Pathways currently offered at ESHS include Biomedical Science, Engineering, Business, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Incoming ESHS students are briefed regarding pathway options at the incoming student orientation and may opt to enroll in a pathway course during the registration process. Students may try a pathway for one year and the next year choose a different pathway if they find it does not meet their future goals or interests. However, students must complete all four pathway courses sequentially in order to be eligible to wear the pathway sash at graduation as outlined by El Segundo Unified School District Board Policy.


Photos by Jason Magid. 


August 8, 2016