El Segundo High School Students Win Mentor's Award at the Real World Design Challenge National Championships

For the second year in a row engineering students from El Segundo High School advanced to the National Championships of the Real World Design Challenge, an annual high school aerospace engineering competition that was established in 2008.  This year the challenge required the students to design an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to help with the growing strain on the food supply caused by a growing world population.  The students designed a system and designed a mission that could detect and identify invasive insect species in corn crops.  They used graduate level science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts and came up with a business case that would help farmers and create a viable business within two years. 

This year the team from El Segundo High School was name the E-Lemon-Ators and consisted of Mason Buzzell, Pawel Gertych, Noah Fleishman, Benjamin Landers, Nick Mazuk, Andrew Miyaguchi, Nick Porras, and Greta Studier.  The first leg of the competition had the team compete in the Independent State Championship.  The team submitted their design against 36 teams from 13 states, and were the only team chosen to compete at the National Championship.  After winning the Independent State Championship the E-Lemon-Ators were given an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C. to compete in the National Championship against 26 teams representing their respective states and territories from around the country.  After presenting their ideas to top level engineers, FAA specialists, and CEO's of aerospace companies the teams were judged against all of the other ideas.  The E-Lemon-Ators were given the Mentor Award which puts the team in the top 4 engineering teams in the country of over 340 teams in the country.  The team is now in a great position to enter into an engineering career and have an impact on solving the complex problems that will face the world of tomorrow.