Experiencing the Gold Rush at Richmond Street Elementary

Experiencing the Gold 
Rush at Richmond

The 4th graders at Richmond Street School along with the Chamber Choir at El Segundo 
High School had a fantastic cross curricular experience with the Gold Rush History Unit that Mrs. Garza was teaching to the 4th grade students. The Choir students wrote and implemented songs and historical lessons to help the 4th graders reinforce their learning’s from Mrs. Garza. The choir students took each chapter in the unit and wrote a song, recorded the song and created a lesson to help the students understand the history of the gold rush. At the end of their unit Ms. Larson, Mrs. Vorboril and Mrs. Garza had a Gold Rush Day at Richmond Street School where a group of the highschoolers ran the music activity. They learned more songs about the Gold Rush and also taught their self-composed songs to the children. It was a beautiful experience for the high schools to learn how to teach music by writing music for younger learners. Mrs. Summers and Mrs. Garza stated they “had a fantastic time with this unit and look forward to implementing more units like this in the 
year to come."