Dr. Seuss Read-A-Thon Scores Big Numbers

Richmond Street School Creates Reading Machines

Annual Read-A-Thon Again Has Spectacular Results

By Lisa Haun

El Segundo, CA 90245 – April 29, 2013 – The primary grade students of Richmond Street School are reading machines! In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day, their annual Read-a-thon commenced on March 1st. The students in grades TEDDE through Second Grade were challenged to read 100,000 minutes over a month. Once again, more than doubling the goal, Richmond’s students read an astounding total of 233,560 minutes. In fact, they read 10,000 more minutes than last year. A new goal of 200,000 minutes looks likely for these voracious readers next year!

Individual incentives could also be achieved by students reading goals of 425, 625, or 825 minutes each. Richmond School would like to especially thank Cold Stone Creamery of El Segundo, McDonalds, and Toyota Sports Center for their very generous donations, greatly motivating the kids to read and achieve. Mrs. Haun, Richmond Street School’s Reading Specialist and event coordinator stated, “Clearly the Read-a-thon’s success would not be so successful without the tremendous support of the community, teachers, and parents championing the love of literacy. In addition, I’m incredibly grateful for the Ed Foundation that funds our reading program, making such meaningful events possible for our students.”

The students were thrilled by a talented live animal, magic show as a reward for their outstanding accomplishment. The two Most Improved Readers from each classroom were also recognized. The cafeteria was filled with great applause as these students accepted their certificates of honor and “Readers are Leaders” medallions. The following students deserve great recognition for their reading achievement over the school year:

Kinder: Megan Lawson, Karen OHara, Porter Robbins, Liam Fitzgerald, Carlie Gottron
Shane Mossman, Trevor DeBlan, Alayna Yared First Grade: Jonathan Earley, Daniel Gomez, Nicholas Sinibaldi, Dylan Lawrence, J.J. Gossom, Chloe Crabtree, Kevin Hernandez, Madeline Wilson Second Grade: Bella Combs, Kelsea Graham, Luka Stanisavljevic, Henry “Spider” Bercutt, Marrek Neumann, Leia Castillo Learning Center: Brad DeAnda and Aiden Castanza

When asked how they improved some of these award winners had this to say:
Liam - " I did more Raz-Kids."
Porter - "It was fun reading more."
Jonathan Earley - "By reading a lot!" Read, read, read!"

Additionally, the one class from each grade level that read the most minutes were rewarded with a Green Eggs and Ham celebration on April 17th. Congratulations (for a second year in a row) to the students in the classrooms of Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. Loye, and Mrs. Sabosky.

On April 19th the Top Readers (the three students from every room that read the most) were treated to Cold Stone Creamery cupcakes and received certificates of honor. These 36 students alone read a grand total of 61, 998 minutes. Here is what some of the award winners had to say when asked how they were able to read so much. Kindergarten student Alexandria Taylor said “I love to read.” Her classmate, Dempsey Grim said "I read more chapter books and Fly Guy books." First grader James Baldino who read a remarkable 3,137 minutes said, "Because I started reading harder books like Harry Potter and they took longer to read. But they were interesting. I also wanted to beat my last year's time." Danae Simmons commented that "I just like reading and I read every day. I like to learn new words.”

The rewards certainly add to the motivation and fun, but the main purpose of the Read-a-thon is rooted in the fact that the sheer volume of reading – the number of minutes a student reads outside of school - is one of the best predictors of how well that student will read. So, well fed brains will continue to be the most important prize of all for the students.