New Assistant Principals at Center Street and Richmond Street

ESUSD Announces Assignment of Assistant Principals at Center Street

& Richmond Street Elementary Schools


Two familiar faces guarantee stability during transitional period



El Segundo, CA – March 14, 2013 – With expected upcoming leadership changes in Principals at both Richmond and Center Street Elementary Schools, the announcement of the assignment of two Assistant Principals helps guarantee stability for students, staff and parents as the transitional process moves forward.  Mrs. Van Breene, Principal of Richmond Street School, will retire effective June 30, 2013, while Mrs. Janicek, Principal of Center Street Elementary, will also say goodbye to Center Street effective June 30, 2013 to step into her new position at the district office as Director of Educational Services.


Mr. Travis Long will serve as Assistant Principal at Richmond Street.    For his four year tenure with ESUSD, Mr. Long has split his time between both elementary schools, lending his talents to support the principals and programs integral to the success of elementary students. 


With ESUSD since 2000 where Ms. Jones started her career at Richmond Street School as a Reading Specialist, Ms. Jones took a sabbatical from ESUSD from 2003 to 2007 to teach at an International School in Tokyo, Japan, before returning in 2007 to resume the position of Reading Specialist at Center Street School.  She too joins Mr. Long on July 1, 2013 in the Assistant Principal position.


Dr. Geoff Yantz, ESUSD Superintendent, was especially gratified to have two professionals with an in-depth knowledge of both sites to come on board during this transitional time.  “Knowing that both schools will experience a change at the Principal position, having Travis and Kim at the respective schools will provide much needed stability and consistency desired by many.   This will help ensure a successful transition and will allow them to provide constant advice and consultation regarding all school matters to the new Principals.”


In addition to the traditional roles of assistant principal, Mr. Long and Ms. Jones will also be charged with assisting teachers in key initiatives over the coming years due to the implementation of the Common Core Standards.  This includes, but is not limited to, the development of new common assessments at each grade level, report cards, adapting to changes in state standardized testing, staff development, and advancements in technology.


Both Mr. Long and Ms. Jones are thrilled with their new opportunities.  Ms. Jones is “incredibly fortunate to have wonderful mentors who guided me and provided me with exciting opportunities to continue to push me as an educator.  This is one more step I am very excited to take.”  As to Mr. Long, “I look forward to the opportunity to be at Richmond Street School, and to continue my collaboration with my colleague Kim Jones, with whom I closely worked at Center Street.  I am looking forward to a productive 2013-14 school year!”