Personnel Changes In the Air

New Year Brings Administrative Staff Announcements to ESUSD 

Changing of the guard commences June 2013

El Segundo, CA – January 9, 2013 – El Segundo Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Geoff Yantz kicked off the New Year with personnel announcements affecting elementary school sites, as well as the district office and Arena Alternative High School.

June of 2013 will see the retirement of revered Richmond Street Elementary School Principal Mrs. Dickie Van Breene, who has been with ESUSD for over 20 years while serving as principal of RSS for ten.   “I feel so fortunate to have been part of the El Segundo Unified School District. I have enjoyed working with our students, their families, and our community members. It's been an honor to be able to serve a community that will always go the extra mile for its students. I'm also looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life,” Van Breene stated.

Vacating the position of Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services and Principal of Arena Alternative High School, Janice Hickey will join her colleague Dickie Van Breene in retirement. “After 20 plus years as a screenwriter, education was a second career for me, one that I found to be equally creative,” Hickey said.  “Teaching three years at the high school in front of a group of teenagers was the equivalent of putting on five shows a day.  Next I got to serve as Dickie’s ‘wing-woman’ at Richmond Street as assistant principal before moving to the district where I was lucky to not only be in charge of Educational Services, but also Principal of Arena Alternative High School.  I loved I was still involved with kids and their lives.”

“Both Mrs. Hickey and Mrs. Van Breene have served El Segundo students admirably,” Superintendent Yantz commented.  “They have always placed students first in all aspects of their work.  They will be missed.”

Stepping into the vacated position at the district office on July 1, 2013 will be Mrs. Marisa Janicek, who after seven years as Principal of Center Street Elementary School, is being promoted to Director of Educational Services/Principal of Arena Alternative High School.  Janicek has a rich history with the district, having served as assistant principal at both Richmond Street and Center Street, while simultaneously acting as coordinator of categorical programs for ESUSD before assuming the top spot as Principal of Center Street in fall of 2006.

“I feel a deep sense of pride at being a part of such a great school as Center Street,” Janicek reflected. “Continuing in a new capacity at the district office, in a richly academic and caring school district is an amazing opportunity, and I feel well prepared for this new direction in my career thanks to all of the incredible ESUSD staff and community members.  I’m excited about facing new horizons and challenges.”

“Marisa brings a wealth of experience and talent to the district office,” Dr. Yantz stated.  “I look forward to working with her in a different capacity as Director of Educational Services.”