ESUSD Superintendent Melissa Moore Receives Board Appointments with Notable Organizations

ESUSD Superintendent Melissa Moore was recently named a board member for the School Employers Association of California (SEAC) and an advisory board member for the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools.


The School Employers Association of California is comprised of more than 1,000 school districts and 73 community college districts in the state. The joint-powers agency provides education, support, and professional development to superintendents, boards, human resource professionals, and management teams through training, research, and advocacy in collective bargaining, personnel, governance, and representation. As a member of the board, Dr. Moore will work with other board members to support superintendents across the state in collective bargaining and employer-employee rights that focus on student interests.


“My participation as an SEAC board member will help broaden ESUSD's network and the resources that we can offer, while also staying informed on critical labor relations issues occurring state-wide,” said Moore.


Superintendent Moore’s second appointment earlier this year is with the Advisory Board for the League of Innovative Schools, an organization that ESUSD has been a member district since 2016. It’s a national coalition of forward-thinking school districts organized by Digital Promise, an independent, bipartisan nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to accelerate innovation in education. ESUSD was selected from a competitive and national pool of applicants based on its leadership, evidence of results, innovative vision for learning, and commitment to collaboration. Dr. Moore is one of only seven superintendents appointed to the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools Advisory Board. The board helps to guide and advise the League of Innovative Schools in its work to accelerate innovation in education to improve opportunities for student learning.


Recently, Dr. Moore was invited to participate as a panel member for the League’s new web series “Reopening Strong” for a discussion and sharing of best practices in “Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.” She used the opportunity to showcase some of the exceptional practices at ESUSD including AMP'd Learning, Empower ESUSD, and the use of the Panorama tool for student surveys to provide metrics on the district’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives. View the panel discussion video here: