El Segundo High School Seniors Return to Campus for First Time Since Pandemic Shut Down


On March 8, 2021, students in the senior class at El Segundo High School (ESHS) will appear on campus once again. As students arrive at staggered times beginning at 9:00 a.m., they will be met with fanfare and much anticipation after the school has been shuttered for one year. When students arrive on campus, there will be some pandemic precautions including temperature checks, mask wearing and social distancing. What won’t be different? The culture! The inflatable eagle will welcome students from the front lawn, as well as the sounds of the band’s drum line and smiles from ESHS’ cheerleaders will be there to greet classmates.


Students will meet in “pods” of 14 students and one teacher who has jumped at the chance to be with students again. The class of 2021 cohorts will meet for two-hour stints on Mondays, but shift away from academics for a moment and take the time to breathe a collective sigh of relief as they remember what once felt normal. Administration and teacher leaders have worked with Student Government to plan events on campus to commemorate their senior year. Seniors want to take their ID photos, play games, have friendly competitions and simply be together.


“After a year of uncertainty, El Segundo High School can once again serve as a place where students feel at home, if even for a brief time,” said ESHS Director of Student Activities Robin Espinoza. “My hope is that students continue to make memories and create bonds to hold onto as they approach graduation and the world beyond.”


For further questions, please contact Robin Espinoza via email at respinoza@esusd.k12.ca.us.