Superintendent's Message - Update on ESUSD's Efforts to Return to In-Person Learning

Dear ESUSD Families, Employees and Community,

I would like to provide an update regarding El Segundo Unified School District’s efforts to further return students for in-person services. There were several significant actions the Board of Education authorized at the February 9th meeting.


Return of Third Grade Students to Hybrid School

I am pleased to share the Board of Education approved the return of third grade hybrid students on campuses. On Friday, February 19th, third grade students are to attend a 90-minute orientation day to acclimate to an on-campus environment, get acquainted with classmates and their teacher in person, and learn the essential new protocols to ensure the health and safety of all. Just like our transitional kindergarten through second grade students, third grade students will be on campus on an AM/PM schedule attending class four days a week (Tuesday through Friday) starting on Tuesday, February 23rd. Monday remains an asynchronous learning day for all hybrid students.


I would like to call your attention to two informational videos you may choose to access regarding the return to school. The first video welcomes students and families back as we reopen school for students in TK-2 grades and explains campus protocols and practices in great detail, thus it is absolutely relevant to all hybrid elementary students who will be returning to school. The second video link is the Town Hall regarding the return to school that also may contain helpful information for parents. Please look for detailed information from Dr. Martha Monahan or Dr. Alice Lee for specific instructions regarding ingress and egress to school, start and end times, health screening, and further logistics.


Reinstatement Eagles’ Nest Preschool for the 2021- 22 School Year

I am equally as enthusiastic that the Board of Education approved reinstatement of the Eagles’ Nest Preschool program for the 2021-2022 school year. All health and safety protocols outlined by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health order will be followed. Classes will consist of the required stable cohort of 14 students with a preschool teacher and instructional assistant. Full and partial day programs will be offered.  We regret that we are unable to offer an alternating half day program option as it would result in a teacher working with four cohort groups. The health order requires that a supervising adult be assigned to work with two different stable cohorts of children Executive Director Guadalupe Grijalva will be sending out information to families and posting information on their website in the near future.


Anticipated Return of Fourth and Fifth Grade Students to Hybrid School

I proactively requested the Board of Education’s approval to return fourth and fifth grade hybrid students on campuses when the Los Angeles County adjusted COVID-19 case rate falls within permissible levels. In order to move forward, the adjusted COVID-19 case rate must be below 25 cases/per 100,000 for five consecutive days as outlined in the California Department of Public Health COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework & Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California2020-2021 School Year. Hybrid students would participate in an AM/PM hybrid schedule. Based upon the current trend in the declining case rate, I anticipate the potential return of fourth and fifth grade will likely take place sometime in March.


Next Steps

On February 23rd, the Board of Education will be hearing a presentation from El Segundo Middle School Principal Adam Wright and Assistant Principal Carie Oulashian regarding the return of sixth grade students to hybrid school when a permissible case rate is achieved, and also an additional presentation from El Segundo High School regarding a limited return of seniors to campus.


Let’s collectively continue slowing the rate of COVID-19 infection to return our students to campus safely by wearing a mask, limiting gatherings, keeping social distance, and washing our hands. I am so appreciative of our teachers, employees and administrators who are actively preparing for this important transition. I urge us all to abide by the health orders and practices so that our in-person schooling can continue to expand and remain as safe as possible for our students and our staff.


With gratitude that we are in this together,


Melissa Moore, Ed.D.


El Segundo Unified School District