ESUSD Families: We Want Your Uplifting Videos! Due April 4

Transforming Education for a Changing World 


 Dear Families,

Given the gravity around our current circumstance, ESUSD is hoping to spread positivity, hope and levity around our new distance learning environment. More than ever, we have the opportunity to be together with our families, and we hope you can help us capture the many special moments that happen with the day.

 If you are interested and want to join the project, please complete the following items and send  by this Saturday, April 4th.    

 Thank you, we can’t wait to see our students and their families using this time for creativity, collaboration and togetherness in El Segundo!

  1. Capture video footage of a few different moments on your iPhone (landscape facing), Camera, etc. of you and your family spending time together for at least two minutes. This could be game night, working on a project, sharing a meal, cooking in the kitchen, or other activity. We're looking for laughter, fun and heartwarming moments.  Ideally, we would like to see two of these in 1:30-2 minute clips. In one of these videos, give us a short, 5-10 second description of what's happening.
  2. Answer some or all of the following questions on your phone (landscape), laptop camera, etc. This could be both parents and teachers separately.

Can you tell us any fun or funny stories that happened at home since you have been learning from home?


  • Talk about what it's like being home together?
  • What does being "together" mean to you and your family?
  • [Parents] What has been your favorite moment with your student(s)?
  • [Students] What has been your favorite moment with your parent(s)?
  • What would you say to encourage others during this time?
  • How would you encourage another parent (if you're a parent) or student (if you're a student) during this time?
  • Talk about how you're grateful for this time. Why?
  • Why are you grateful to be part of the El Segundo Community?
  • Repeat this phrase: Transforming Education for a changing world… together
  1. Email Both: and CC

   Subject Line: El Segundo USD "Together"

Body Text:  "Hi, We're the [Insert Family Name]. Our students are [Name of Student(s)]. [Insert Google Drive Link]*"

Please make sure that the permissions on the google drive upload are set to edit access.

Thank you, this is an optional activity that we hope you will join in on! We look forward to sharing our amazing families and bringing smiles for all... together. 


Take Care, 


Marisa Janicek

Assistant Superintendent - Educational Services