Message from the ESUSD Superintendent 3/19/20

March 19, 2020


Dear ESUSD Parents, Staff and Community,

I hope this message finds you and your family healthy. Although Los Angeles County Department of Public Health have yet to announce a confirmed case of COVID-19 in El Segundo, we must collectively be vigilant and continue to practice all of the essential hygiene and social distancing strategies. The ESUSD team continues to seek the latest updates from various agencies and will share information daily as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

Transitioning to Distance Learning

Yesterday, the California Department of Education (CDE) provided all school districts with guidance regarding “distance learning.” CDE defines distance learning as,

“…instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations. This may include interacting through the use of computer and computer technology, as well as delivering instruction and check-in time with their teacher. Distance learning may include video or audio instruction in which the primary mode of communication between the student and instructor is on-line interaction, instructional television, video, telecourse, or other instruction that relies on computer or communications technology. It may also include the use of print material incorporating assignments that are the subject of written or oral feedback.”

Although each school site had formulated a plan for distance learning, our teachers learned along with the rest of you that we implement the plan on Monday this week. Overall, I am extremely proud of our teachers for their commitment to students in making it happen. Please rest assured that our faculty and administrators are constantly assessing how it is going and do not hesitate to reach out first to the teachers to address any concern you may have. I am grateful to all of you who have demonstrated patience, understanding and grace as we navigate day four of transitioning to distance learning.


Mental Health Supports

As all of you are adjusting to our “new normal,” I wanted to direct you to some specific resources that can help you talk to your children about the coronavirus and help them cope with stress/anxiety under the current circumstances.

Please visit the South Bay Families Connected web page devoted to Helping Youth Cope with Traumatic Events.Scroll down the page for links to a number of articles and a video that may be helpful to you. Experts tell us that keeping your own anxiety in check is key and there are resources on this web page to help.

In addition, if you need further assistance with social, emotional, or behavioral support, ESUSD partner Care Solaceis open 24/7 to support families, students, and staff in need, and will assist in providing referrals to available local resources. Their Care Concierge service is available around the clock, in multiple languages, and can reached by email, phone, or video chat.

Visit the Care Solace website for ESUSD Families at:

Call for support 24/7 at:  888-515-0595

Or email Car Solace at:

We understand these are trying times; I believe together, we will get through this. At the beginning of the week, I emailed a message to ESUSD parents including an ESUSD Email Contact List that may also be found on the ESUSD website at We are here to help you and have great partners from which to draw resources!

Melissa Moore, Ed.D.


El Segundo Unified School District