Free Parent Night Presentation with Dr. Blake Brandes October 24

During his "Growth Mindset and Grit" presentation, TEDx speaker and America's Got Talent performer Dr. Blake Brandes (who has a Ph.D. in global youth cultures) will share powerful strategies to help you support your child to thrive in school and life. Please plan to attend this information presentation.


Also on October 24 during school hours, the students of Center Street School will learn about the growth mindset and grit from Blake Brandes, who is also an international youth motivational speaker.

Brandes will present the work of Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth in a fun, accessible manner that empowers children of all ages. The presentation will include age-appropriate and engaging growth mindset and grit lessons infused with beatboxing, comedic storytelling, and family-friendly freestyle rapping.

“When students adopt a growth mindset, they become more resilient when facing challenges at school and at home, are less likely to give up, and believe more in their power to learn new things.” said Blake Brandes.

Marsha Jones, associate superintendent of Springdale Public Schools in Arkansas, said, “Blake Brandes uses his talents as a hip-hop artist to capture the imagination of students and encourages them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. He is very skilled at reaching into the hearts and minds of students as he engages them in thinking about the endless possibilities for future success.”

Through a demonstration of his passion for beatboxing and freestyle rap, along with stories of his own struggle to achieve his goals, Brandes brings energy and enthusiasm to the stage that allows him to connect with students. Brandes has shared this presentation with 200,000 students, educators, and parents across the country, and he performed 348 Growth Mindset presentations in 29 states last school year.

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