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"Transforming Education for a Changing World" - ESUSD Introduces New Motto and Logo

In spring 2019, a small committee worked with local marketing firm Ignited to consider various options for an updated logo design for the District. The committee sought to create a logo that was contemporary, captured the identity of the school district, and could have longevity. Artistically, the goal was to design a logo that was creative, simplistic and inventive. The committee narrowed the field of choices crafted by Ignited and then further consulted with key stakeholders, teachers, administrators, parents, and marketing/communication experts in the selection of the final logo.


“ESUSD is grateful to Continental Development Corporation for generously supporting both the development of ESUSD’s newly adopted Graduate Profile materials as well as the new logo and motto project,” said ESUSD Superintendent Melissa Moore. “This identity builds upon the thoughtful research and discussion that went into the creation of ESUSD’s Graduate Profile, which gives us a really clear picture of ESUSD’s mission, what we do, what values we embrace, and what process we use for developing our students.”


Taking a cue from educational symbolism, the new logo portrays a more graphic and less literal representation of the acronym for the District, ESUSD. The logo incorporates a coastal color palette—shades that echo sky and ocean blue—as a nod to the District’s geographic location.


“The shape language of the new logo expresses the story of building blocks. As young students, we begin with the basics and as we progress in life and learning, we can then construct something more thought-provoking and interesting from that foundation,” said ESUSD Board of Education Clerk Tracey Miller-Zarneke. “It symbolizes the educational space we strive to create at ESUSD­— a nurturing environment that is open to innovation and different perspectives. We recognize that each individual will see, contribute, and process concepts in their own unique way, as they may with this symbolism.”


To complement the logo, ESUSD has adopted the motto “Transforming education for a changing world.” This inspiring and empowering motto conveys the District’s learner-centric, future-forward, and innovative-minded approach to educational leadership and excellence. “The motto’s active statement pairs nicely with the logo to be used as an internal and public representation of ESUSD’s commitment to creating an active learning environment,” said Miller-Zarneke.