Annual ESHS Senior Walk is June 7 for Trip Down Memory Lane

On Friday, June 7th at 1:15 p.m., the senior class at El Segundo High School will put on their caps and gowns for the first time and walk to the elementary school from which they got their humble beginnings more than a decade ago. The elementary school students and staff will line the hallways and corridors to welcome and congratulate their alumni.


El Segundo was made for such an event. It’s a way for the seniors to remember just how far they have come while inspiring the next generation of Eagles! “After four years since its inauguration, this event has quickly become one of my favorites!” said Robin Espinoza, ESHS director of student activities. “The entire school community looks forward to this walk down memory lane. When an elementary school teacher sees their former student in a cap and gown, they glow with pride, and parents well up with tears, while the students stand just a little bit taller recognizing what they’ve accomplished.”


Events like this don’t happen in isolation- from the inception, all parties including administrators, teachers and students, were completely on board and so emotionally invested in making this happen. It is a great day for our community that invests so much in its young people.  It is a day ESHS seniors will not soon forget.