ESUSD Honors 2018-2019 Educators of the Year

Each year, the El Segundo Teachers Association coordinates nominations and the selection process to honor one teacher at each school site. The following are this year’s honorees:

Center Street School - Sandee Montrose

For more than 20 years, Ms. Montrose has worked as an ESUSD educator at Center Street School and has shown a deep commitment to supporting all students. Teaching first grade at Center Street for the first 10 years, Ms. Montrose has taught kindergarten for the past 13 years. She grew up in El Segundo and was an ESUSD student.


Described by her peers as passionate about her students and teaching, Ms. Montrose is a flexible teacher who thinks outside the box to improve learning opportunities for students with different learning styles to ensure all students can access their education. She provides a classroom learning environment that makes learning fun and accessible to all students. Her dedication to her students also extends outside of the classroom where she builds meaningful connections with the families of her students.


Richmond Street School - Sherry Schmit

Having taught in ESUSD for 8 years, Mrs. Schmit has become an integral member of the Richmond Street School educators, according to Dr. Alice Lee, Richmond Street School principal. After three years of substitute teaching at Richmond Street School, including long-term substitution for a kindergarten teacher and a 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Schmit was hired as a full-time kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Schmit grew up in El Segundo and experienced all her school days in ESUSD. She even teaches in the same room that was her kindergarten classroom!


A consummate professional, Mrs. Schmit is always the first to jump into any program or initiative brought to Richmond Street School that will benefit students. She has delved deeply into Richmond Street’s workshop pedagogy with reading, writing, and mathematics. She has even hosted a multitude of teachers and schools across Los Angeles and Orange County who came to observe her excellent practice in these content areas.


Mrs. Schmit feels very fortunate to be working with such a great staff and to be as such a great school. Her peers describe her as positive, open-minded, passionate, and someone that always goes the extra mile. Often spending her free time in the evening returning to school and prepare her class for the next morning, she is fiercely dedicated to her students and to Richmond Street School.


El Segundo Middle School - Carley Finkel

Mrs. Finkel has taught for ESUSD for more than 10 years. She has taught math at El Segundo Middle School for the past 12 years and currently she teaches year 1 middle school math, or 6th grade math. According to El Segundo Middle Acting Principal Ali Rabiei, Mrs. Finkel has done an amazing job with all the curricular programs and has even implemented a new math initiative within the entire math department.


Mrs. Finkel brings passion and a positive, warm persona to school every day and is adored by her students and colleagues. Always able to make time for her students, Mrs. Finkel goes above and beyond to help her students understand math better and reflect on their learning through the entire process. Her willingness to try new ideas and receptiveness to change allow Mrs. Finkel to go the extra mile for her students and do what is best for their educational success.


El Segundo High School - Megan McCann

Ms. McCann joined ESUSD five years ago and has already made a big impact on her students and colleagues. She teaches math at El Segundo High School and coaches the girls’ softball team. According to El Segundo High School Principal Dr. Melissa Gooden, Ms. McCann is a phenomenal educator, colleague, and coach with an infectiously positive attitude.


She was responsible for the math double-digit increase in El Segundo High School’s CAASPP scores this past year, thanks to her dedication to helping her students. Department Chair Lauren Turner describes Ms. McCann a tremendous asset to the El Segundo High School teacher team, referring to her as “the real deal” because of her intelligence and determination.


Having earned the respect of her colleagues, Ms. McCann is known as a hardworking, dedicated teacher. Her patience, kindness, and ability to connect with students has made her a teacher every student wants.