ESHS Students Place First in 2019 Raytheon Engineering Games

The ESHS team competed, with guidance from ESHS Physics Teacher Daniel Horvath, with 30 area high schools including schools in Palos Verdes and Carson.


This year, there were two challenges: the Math Challenge where the task was to decode three messages using three different types of mathematical algorithms by hand, and the Code Challenge where the task was to use Python to create a program to decode a message using a specific mathematical algorithm.


“Our students demonstrated they are well prepared to tackle difficult tasks and do well,” said Mr. Horvath.


Incoming freshman and new students may opt in to one of four ESHS Career Pathways by enrolling in a pathway course during the registration process. Students may try a pathway for one year and choose a different pathway the following year if their original choice does not meet their future goals or interests. The Engineering Pathway curriculum is supported by the El Segundo Unified School District’s partnership with Project Lead the Way.